Psychological Testing/ADHD

Psychological testing for ADHD is intended for individuals 8 years of age and older.
Our evaluation process is divided into three sessions.

Clinical Interview: This stage consists of a face-to-face interview between the psychologist and you (parents are included if the patient is a child), reviewing various aspects of your developmental, educational, vocational, and health history. The presenting concerns are discussed as well as the reason for the evaluation. This is done to determine the appropriateness of the testing request as well as clarify the specific question being asked which justifies the need for testing.

Testing Session: The second session consists of the use of criterion referenced tests and self-report inventories/measures selected to answer the referral question.

Feedback Session: The third session consists of a feedback session, scheduled two to three weeks after the testing session. At this time, you will be provided a copy of the report and the psychologist will review and explain the testing results, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations, and answer any questions you have.

Professional Fees
Private pay for psychological testing is as follows:

  • The cost of the ADHD testing session as well as the feedback session is $300. The testing and feedback session include the test administration and scoring, as well as professional evaluation, interpretation of results, report writing, feedback session, and decision making.
  • Total out of pocket cost for psychological testing (ADHD) is $300, which is due the day of testing.
  • At the conclusion of the feedback session a “superbill” will be provided so you may submit it to your medical insurance company for consideration of reimbursement for services provided.