During the Coivid-19 pandemic we here at Excelsior Psychological Services will be providing teletherapy in order to provide you with the same great services and care you expect from us. Please reach out to us today to schedule your teletherapy appointment.

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Excelsior Psychological Services is a privately owned outpatient mental health clinic offering a full range of psychological services to the behavioral health needs of southeastern Michigan. We utilize a best practice approach to eliminate or manage debilitating symptoms and to assist individuals develop the necessary skills to improve their emotional, interpersonal, educational, or occupational functioning.

Excelsior Psychological Services offers treatment to children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with emotional, developmental, educational/occupational problems, as well as family or interpersonal concerns. The clinic staff is comprised of psychologists, social workers, and counselors.


The mission of Excelsior Psychological Services is dedicated to the highest quality of psychological treatment provided with a sense of professional integrity, compassion, individual pride, and a warrior’s spirit.


We are committed to providing our Employees/Contractors a stable, dynamic, supportive, and growth oriented environment with opportunity for learning and maximizing their clinical development.  Evidence-based treatment is expected consistent with ethical guidelines. Above all, Team Members will be provided support, respect, and guidance to utilize their skills and maximize their professional potential in a warm, friendly, and energetic atmosphere.


Excelsior Psychological Services’ vision is to create a positive reputation within the community as a resource of clinical knowledge and expertise in the field of psychology/psychiatry and anxiety and stress related disorders. We welcome professional collaboration working towards efficient patient treatment and stay within the scope of our professional knowledge. We aggressively work to assist each patient and family to take ownership of their lives and continue writing their “life script” in accordance with their abilities.